Wow! Kodak Black has come under fire after he said recently that he doesn’t like black women with a dark complexion.

During an interview with ChaneyTV, the Florida rapper said he prefers lighter skinned woman, but added some unnecessary commentary that has people upset.

“If he prefers skinny women more than a chubbier or heavyset woman, if he can say that and nobody can get mad him, I just said I don’t like women with my complexion,” Kodak explained. “I want you to be lighter than me. I love African American women, but I just don’t like my skin complexion. We too gutter, light-skinned women more sensitive. [Dark skin girls] too tough. Light skin women, we can break em down more easy.”

While the interviewer didn’t seem very too surprised, the security guard in the background seemed shocked, as he’s seen mouthing the word “Wow!!”

With fans (and non-fans) infuriated over his comments, Kodak took to Instagram to defend himself, stating: “I love black African American women. It’s just not my forte to deal with a ‘darkskin’ woman.”

Still, the backlash was so severe, the rapper to eventually deleted his entire Instagram account. As of press time, it was back, but the post had vanished.