Jay-Z and Kanye West
via U2soul / CC-BY-2.0

Looks like the issues between Jay-Z and Kanye West are more serious than we thought, as Ye leaves TIDAL and threatens to sue.

According to TMZ, Kanye has been unhappy with TIDAL for some time. In fact, he tweeted about it last summer, saying the beef between TIDAL and Apple Music was “f*cking up the music game”. He also claims TIDAL owes him more than $3 million.

Apparently, Kanye’s lawyer served TIDAL with a letter last month, claiming they were in breach of contract, so it was terminated. Though both sides tried to resolve the issues, Kanye ultimately decided to leave.

Kanye helped push TIDAL hard early on, especially when he released his The Life of Pablo album in February 2016 exclusively on the platform. After its release, reports said the album helped boost subscribers, from around 1 million to 2.5 million… and Kanye was supposed to get a bonus, but claims he wasn’t paid.

Furthermore, TMZ’s report says TIDAL refused to reimburse him for music videos.

This week, Jay-Z dropped his new album 4:44, which has him allegedly taking shots at Kanye… that ultimately led to Ye’s decision to leave.

It’s not the first time their issues became public though. Last October, Kanye called out Hov during a stop on his “Saint Pablo Tour”… saying there was some sort of fallout over Drake’s single “Pop Style”. “I can’t take this sh*t, bro,” he said at the time. “Our kids ain’t never even played together.”

TMZ’s report says that TIDAL is trying to hold Kanye to his exclusive contract and warns that if he releases music on another streaming service, they will sue. Kanye, however, says if they sue, he’ll sue them back.