After nearly 15 years in mens streetwear, Bobby Kim has introduced a unique women’s line called JENNIFER.

Best known as Bobby Hundreds, the designer and co-founder behind The Hundreds, the fashion veteran has created a line aimed at girls who love their guy’s clothes.

“Women have gone from borrowing their boyfriend’s streetwear T-shirt, to buying it for themselves. Which, made me wonder: How come it’s okay — trendy, even — for girls to covet their guy’s clothes, but not the other way around? Isn’t it time for a women’s label that men beg for?” Bobby asked.

From there, the idea was born and he launched — post-election — with the signature JENNIFER “Girlfriend Hoodie”, responding to a boyfriend’s jean. While the piece is tailored for a woman, it can be worn by a guy as well.

Bobby has since followed with a custom T-shirt, which he says feels “like your favorite vintage ‘80s tee”; and the Daughter Hat (a play on the popular Dad Hat).

“Piece by piece, I built The Hundreds from graphic T-shirts to denim to a global streetwear brand,” says Bobby. “I’m looking to tell a similar story here — one that unfolds and evolves with time.”

Curated in Los Angeles, JENNIFER delivers limited runs of each of their pieces, which they say uses “remarkably soft, yet durable long-lasting fabrics.”

For more info and to check out the latest, visit the official JENNIFER website here.