Two weeks after his death and a day after his funeral service in NYC, Mobb Deep’s Havoc performed for the first time without his longtime partner Prodigy.

He performed at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center on Friday (June 30) for the Art of Rap Festival, which Mobb Deep had been booked for.

As you can see from TMZ’s footage, Havoc moved through the duo’s catalog, with the help of longtime Mobb Deep affiliate Big Noyd and Ice-T, who joined them onstage. “Make some noise for my motherf*cking brother. Make some noise for Prodigy! Say R-I-P!” Havoc declared to cheers from the crowd.

Prodigy was hospitalized after a show in Vegas last month and eventually died, due to complications caused by a sickle cell anemia crisis. He suffered from sickle cell anemia since birth.