Sheriff’s Deputy Jack Bolen totally overreacted when he stopped a 21-year-old man for jaywalking in Jacksonville, Fla.

Devonte Shipman whipped out his phone and immediately began recording after he was stopped by the sheriff… and he believes the stop was nothing more than racial profiling.

“I was just stopped for being black and walking, that’s how I feel,” Shipman told CBS News. “It’s racial profiling, racial discrimination.”

In the video, which has gone viral, Bolen threatened to haul Shipman off to jail, though the young man told him the light was still blinking when he began to cross and didn’t turn red until he was already halfway across the street.

“You are being legally detained. If you don’t… you are disobeying a direct order and I will put you in jail,” Bolen says in the video.

Later, the officer misquoted the law, telling Shipman he could detain him for not carrying ID. However, the law only requires ID when driving a vehicle.

In the end, Shipman was issued two citations totaling $198 in fines.

SMH… this was totally unnecessary. What are your thoughts?