K. Michelle Shaved Her Head
via Instagram / K. Michelle

Woah! Outta nowhere, K. Michelle popped up on social media this week with an all-new look

The R&B singer posted a photo of herself with that Amber Rose look… a shaved head.

K. Michelle posted the images on a new Instagram account (@ThePeopleIUsedToKnow) and explained why.

“I cut it off, like I cut you off,” she wrote. “U picked your side, and i’m picking mine. The tough decision hasn’t cost me a dime, but the pretending you care is a waste of my time. Friendship ends when some are offered slot times.”

“I’ve been learning, learning to be in love with myself. Im a grown ass woman,” K. Michelle added in another.



Though it’s unclear, it appears the new Instagram account may hint towards new album, potentially titled The People I Used to Know.

K. Michelle further hinted that it would feature 14 tracks.

“The people I used to know have some how turned me cold,” she wrote. “How u made me feel, your not stupid you have to know. So many I could line them up like ducks in a row, but on this album I’ll let u go. I’ll sing to you one more song, write down my last word, and after that to you, I will never be heard. How you gone take my love and not give none back? Where they do that at? 4 is 4 YOU. 14 people, 14 stories❤️ @thepeopleiusedtoknow.”

Further details are unknown, but if the album comes to fruition, it will be her fourth solo LP, following 2016’s More Issues Than Vogue