Over the years, there’s been a number of bad boys in the entertainment biz… especially during the 1990s.

Markie Dee (of the legendary Fat Boys) recently sat down with VICELAND and shared an epic story of an evening he spent partying with Bobby Brown and singer Al B Sure at Eddie Murphy’s Los Angeles mansion.

Markie explains how he randomly ran into Brown and Al at the Laugh Factory comedy club, before Eddie Murphy approached them and invited them back to his mansion for a party.

From there… the story is that of legends.

In addition to heavy drinking and sex all over the place, Dee hilariously recalls how Bobby gave Arsenio Hall the beating of his life outta nowhere… with no explanation. Among other things…

Later, Markie Dee recalls leaving the party with a random blonde in a car service. They hook up a bit in the car, before going home. Come to find out, the blonde was a pretty serious actress that he didn’t realize until later. You have to watch the video to find out who.