RZA Sounds Off on Mumble Rap: “Leave That Syrup Alone”

RZA talks Mumble Rap

If there’s any criticism regarding today’s generation of hip-hop, it’s the delivery and clarity of the lyrics. Thus, it’s been given the label “mumble rap”.

Recently, members of the Wu-Tang Clan were asked about mumble rap by Montreality… and they offered their opinion.

It was mainly RZA who discussed the rap subgenre, revealing that they “don’t discriminate” against modern-day artists… and blamed the media for the disparaging name. “First of all, what is mumble rap, who made that title?” he asked. “I bet you the guys who’s doing it, they didn’t call it mumble rap. That’s what the media calls it. Let them make their music and have fun and do their thing.”

RZA did go on to pinpoint a cause: lean. And, he also offered a warning. “Anybody who’s out there who’s sipping on that syrup, and that’s making you mumble, leave that syrup alone, man,” he pleaded. “Syrup make you mumble.”

Elsewhere in the interview, members of the Wu discussed the death of Mobb Deep’s Prodigy. U-God remembered playing paintball with P while on tour, while Raekwon recalled recording their classic collaboration “Eye for a Eye (Your Beef Is Mines).”