Redman is arguably one of the greatest lyricists ever in hip-hop. But, in addition to his memorable bars, he has one of the most epic episodes of MTV Cribs ever.

Back in 2001, the legendary rapper invited MTV cameras (and the world) into his very modest 2 bedroom, 2 bath crib in Staten Island, New York. It came at the time when most rappers on the show were showing off lavish mansions with multiple luxury whips and all the luxuries… though most weren’t actually owned by them.

Redman’s crib was not that… and he kept it all the way real. In fact, he didn’t even clean up before cameras came. The tiny crib was a mess everywhere, but he wasn’t tripping… he gave them a full tour. His cousin was even passed out on the ground in the living room.

More than 10 years later, Redman was asked about the infamous MTV Cribs episode… and explained why he kept it 1000!

“They show was to show artists living lavish,” he began. “I was looking at that sh*t before I even did it like, ‘Every goddamn artist house is just clean. That’s how they really living?’ I was like, ‘Nah, it feels like some of them is just renting a house to do that sh*t.’ I find out, some of them was. I can’t do that. I ain’t wanna do that.”

Redman went on to reveal that MTV actually wanted him to rent a house for the show, but he declined. “They wanted me to rent a house, so I could open the big double doors and say, ‘Look at my sh*t’. And, my mother would have told me, ‘You know goddamn well that wasn’t your house.’ ”

Also, the rapper hilariously explains that MTV showed up hours early to film the episode, catching him off-guard… which is why the place was such as mess. “They came at an earlier time, like 8 in the morning. I’m still in the bed. That’s why my cuz was still asleep on the floor… but it all worked out, overall. And, it worked out because I was believable with it.”

If you were unaware, MTV revisited Redman’s crib again a few years later for a “Retro Rewind” special. He was still at the same Staten Island home… and he offered a tour yet again. This time, however, there werea few upgrades that he described to as “Beyoncing the crib”. Watch that below.