Mountain DEW Unveils Triple-Double Breasted Suit Honoring Russell Westbrook

Nountain DEW Triple-Double Breasted Suit Honoring Russell Westbrook

With his newly minted MVP trophy adorning his home, Mountain Dew honors brand athlete Russell Westbrook, with a unique fashion outfit for his wardrobe: the first ever Triple-Double Breasted Suit.

Mountain Dew tapped menswear designer Mark McNairy to create the suit, which pays homage to Westbrook’s record-breaking season and “Don’t Do They” mentality.

The Triple-Double Breasted Suit pays tribute to the All-Star with unique style elements, including:

Don’t Do They: Russ’ iconic rallying cry from his ASW commercial is featured on the underside of the jacket collar with a bold “THEY” crossed out in red
42: Russ’ season-defining tripe double record is emblazoned on the jacket breast pocket
Shot clock with 1 second left: Russ’ clutch moments, with “:01” shown on the inside breast pocket
Camo Pattern: DEW’s camo history, as well as McNairy’s made camo an obvious color choice.

Along with the triple-double breasted suit, Dew will also release commemorative 12oz. cans made to honor Westbrook’s MVP win, available exclusively in the OKC market.