Kendrick Lamar sat down for a rare interview on “Big Boy’s Neighborhood” on Los Angeles’ Real 92.3 this week, discussing his DAMN album… and his classic catalog.

The Compton rapper revealed that the critically-acclaimed project almost had a different title: What Happens On Earth Stays On Earth. Though the title ultimately changed, you can hear the original title throughout.

But why? Kendrick explains.

“There were so many ways you could put it in my head,” he said. “From the concept, damned if I do, damned if I don’t; the loudness of the record, it just screamed that in my face.. When I think about these records, it just felt like that.”

Elsewhere, Kendrick ranked his entire discography, with DAMN leading the pack currently. “I think DAMN. is a hybrid of all these projects,” he said. “It was me finally being able to take elements from good kid and To Pimp a Butterfly. The message behind To Pimp a Butterfly and the sonics, the beats slappin’ on good kid, and the rawness of being able to do what I want, like I did on Section.80. I didn’t have no rules when I was creating this. I was just having fun. When I take all three of these, it makes a hybrid of DAMN for me.”

First is DAMN, followed by good kid, m.A.A.d. city, To Pimp a Butterfly and Section.80.