Migos Nearly Come to Blows With Joe Budden

Migos had a very active weekend. In addition to getting into it with Chris Brown’s crew, the trio also nearly came to blows with Joe Budden during an interview on the red carpet of the BET Awards.

Joe took to his weekly “Joe Budden Podcast” to address the incident on Wednesday (June 28), explaining that much more led to the near-altercation… while taking a few shots.

According to the rap veteran, Migos were standoffish from the start… and by the end, tensions were high. “Migos got up there. They was shady from the jump. They ain’t dapping n*ggas. They got attitudes. I’m like, really? This is what [Complex] wanted to interview? Cool…”

“I wasn’t gonna say a word to them. I gave it to Akademiks,” Joe added, “who’s bright-eyed and never been in this environment, on this red carpet… Akademiks is ignoring the producers who are saying, ‘Wrap it up.’ Then, in the middle of the interview… their [management] interrupted.”

Joe also explains that the interaction we all saw was much longer. “There was much more awkwardness, much more tension… Nah, I don’t wanna talk to nobody that don’t wanna sit here,” he said.

Budden eventually took a shot at the trio, essentially saying he’s not scared of them, despite how they’re viewed by the public. “I think I can take 2 1/2 of Migos by myself. But, I’m a little arrogant.”

“Apparently, everybody views Migos as very tough guys. I must not be very familiar with their music. I still look at them like the kids,” he added.

As far as his “Everyday Struggle” co-host DJ Akademiks, he had this to say: “Akademiks is one of the biggest p*ssies I’ve every seen in my entire life. He should never comment on anything that has to do with physicality.”

So far, Migos hasn’t addressed their near-physical confrontation with Budden… but you can watch Joe’s full recap below.