Migos Nearly Come to Blows With Joe Budden

Migos had their fair share of altercations during BET Awards Weekend in Los Angeles. In addition to Chris Brown, Migos got into it with Joe Budden.

While filming an interview with DJ Akademiks and Budden for their Complex show, “Everyday Struggle”, tensions were high and nearly escalated to blows… after Budden walked out of the interview.

It’s unclear why… but in the moments leading up to the end of the interview, Akademiks asks Migos member Takeoff about not being on the group’s massive hit, “Bad & Boujee”. “I ain’t left off ‘Bad & Boujee.’ Do it look like I’m left off ‘Bad & Boujee’?” Takeoff replies.

Budden then asks that they end the interview, and as Akademiks praises Migos, Budden gets up before his co-host can close out the show, throws his mic to the ground and walks away.

Taking it as disrespect, all three members of Migos immediately get up and confront Joe… and things get heated.

In the past, Akademiks called member Quavo to “the Beyonce of the group” while discussing if he should consider going solo. He also called Takeoff the weakest link.