Master P Calls BET’s Prodigy Tribute “Fake Love”, Rips Network

Master P and Prodigy
via Instagram

Late rap legend Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) was honored with a tribute at the BET Awards on Sunday night (June 25)… but not everyone was happy about it.

Master P — a legend in his own right — spoke about the network’s tribute to the rapper, calling it fake love, while adding that BET never showed Prodigy any love when he was still alive.

“I’m at the BET Awards right now. I ain’t even going in, bruh. This sh*t ain’t even cool,” Master P said. “All of a sudden they celebrate Prodigy. Prodigy, last week, couldn’t even get in here. Couldn’t get backstage. Couldn’t get a pass. All of a sudden, when you die, you this big superstar. Why couldn’t we give the man his flowers while he here?”

“Ain’t that sad? [It’s] sad. Forreal. I ain’t with it. I ain’t with none of it,” he continued. “Forreal. That man couldn’t get a show last week, couldn’t get nothing. All of a sudden he the man. They changed their whole program to dedicate to this man. It’s embarrassing. They probably don’t even know who Mobb Deep is. Rest in peace homie, man. It’s sad. They did the same thing with Prince and Whitney Houston. C’mon, man. Give the people they flowers while they still here.”

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