via Instagram / Boosie

With his All Eyez On Me biopic in theaters, a number of rappers have been comparing themselves to Tupac. Troy Ave named his album NuPac and Young Thug recently declared himself the new Pac.

Boosie BadAzz has compared himself to the late rapper in the past, saying both of them released “heartfelt music”. But recently, he said nobody can touch him when it comes to being gangsta… not even Pac.

“Tupac raised me. I love the f*ck outta Tupac. I’m saying as far as, on an all out just real gangster sh*t, them niggas can’t even come close to me,” Boosie said recent on Instagram Live. “I’ma tell you real sh*t. Like they really rappers. They just rappers… I love the sh*t outta them but as far as… them niggas ain’t got no life like my sh*t.”

Tupac released music felt by many, especially the streets, but he did not grown up as a gangster. However, gangster rap veterans like MC Eiht said Pac’s gang affiliations when he joined Death Row Records likely led to his death.

“By him not being from Compton and knowing the foundations of these real dudes, he stepped into a world that he wasn’t probably gonna be able to get out of,” Eiht said in a 2016 interview with VladTV. “Once you start that and get to dissing and claiming, ‘I’mma Blood, I’mma Crip’ and you start affiliating yourself, then people gonna take that down to history. Now you stepping into a world that ain’t got nothing to do with fancy chains, million dollars and hotel suites.”