Wow! Police in Los Angeles arrested a 16-year-old teenager for riding his bike without a helmet… WTF??

This video has surfaced showing a swarm of police coming to the house of a teen in South Central L.A., after the kid rode his bike home when he noticed the police watching him.

“According to the video uploader, the police in the video below came to this house because they saw a teenager riding his bike with no hands and without a helmet. Not wanting to be kidnapped or killed, the teenager rode his bike home after he saw the police,” according to The Free Thought Project.

After assuring the parents that they wanted to simply issue the teen a citation for the “vehicle violation”, the boy finally came forward and was handcuffed. Shortly after, police said he was under arrest for resisting.

Wow! This is what it’s come to? Arresting kids for riding their bike in the hood?