Full Video of Meek Mill Jumping Safaree Surfaces

Following reports that Safaree was jumped by Meek Mill’s crew and him explaining the incident on social media, a video of the actual incident has surfaced.

In the clip, it goes down similarly to how Safaree described. He is seen standing on the sidewalk outside the event, greeting others, when out of nowhere Meek Mill hops out of an SUV just a few feet away.

Immediately after the camera films Meek emerging from the vehicle and saying, “What’s up man?”, it pans back to Safaree who is seen running with at least two members of Meek’s crew chasing him.

The guys catch up with him and pummel him, before Safaree’s friend comes to his aid. This is when Safaree takes off down the sidewalk and out of harm’s way, while Meek’s crew shifts their focus to his friend.

Meek Mill has yet to directly address the fight.