Dedrick Gobert

There were some memorable characters in the 1991 hood classic, Boyz N The Hood. But, did you the actor who played Dooky died?

The pacifier-sucking character was played by Dedrick Gobert, and he died just three years after the film’s release… and just days before he would’ve turned 23 years old.

According to reports, he was killed in a gang shooting over an illegal drag race. We had no idea, until it popped up on our Facebook feed.

On Nov. 19, 1994, Gobert was shot after an argument ensued during a race in Mira Loma, Calif. While specifics are unknown, he was involved in a race with another man which led to an argument… and eventually gunshots. The actor died at the scene.

His friend, 19-year-old Ignacio Hernandez, was also fatally shot when he attempted to help Gobert during the fight. Gobert’s then 16-year-old girlfriend was shot in the right side of the neck but survived and was left paralyzed from the neck down.

In addition to Boyz N The Hood, Gobert also had roles in the 1993 movie Poetic Justice and 1995’s Higher Learning.