This is how you really make a difference in someone’s life.

It’s unclear who this guy is, or exactly where this happened, but a black man (maybe from England) shared a story on social media of him giving a random homeless man a fresh start.

Calling it his “Mayweather Challenge”, he writes: “Mayweather said he’s fed up with people stunting on social media and wants people to show how they really living. So, this is how I’m really living!”

Theh vid begins with him walking up a man up who is sleeping on the sidewalk and asks if he’s hungry before offering to buy him breakfast. From there, he takes him on a shopping spree, blesssing him with a new outfit, as well as a duffel bag filled with new socks, underwear and more clothing. Before parting ways, he buys him a hot dog and gives him a ride in his Range Rover… and sends him on his way with a little cash.

Really great to see someone doing something for someone else. Kudos for this video fella.