Kevin Powell
via Kelly’s Writer House / CC-BY-2.0

More controversy surrounds the Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me. A veteran journalist who interviewed the late rapper claims his work was used — without permission — to write the script, so he’s suing.

According to TMZ, writer Kevin Powell — who wrote a series of articles about Tupac for Vibe in the mid-90s — says his journalism worked was used to form parts of the story and plot for All Eyez On Me.

In the lawsuit, it mentions a recent interview the movie’s executive producer L.T. Hutton did, where he says he looked at “all of the interviews” of Tupac to make the movie.

After seeing the movie, Powell says he saw many similarities to his articles — which he says would’ve been the only place knowledge of specific characters and scenes could be pulled from. Specifically, he points to the character named Nigel, who Powell believes is based on a real person named Haitian Jack. He says details of Nigel’s relationship with Tupac in the movie could only have come from his articles.

Furthermore, the movie also features a journalist, played by Hill Harper, who is interviewing Pac in prison, just as Powell did. He believes the character is based off him.

Powell is asking that a judge to immediately block the film from playing in theaters and award him a percentage of the profits it’s already earned.