Andre Berto was the last person to step in the ring and fight Floyd Mayweather. Obviously, he lost with Mayweather, who earned an easy decision. So, what does he think of the upcoming Mayweather-Conor McGregor fight?

Well, TMZ cameras caught up with the former boxing champ, and despite what most people are predicting (an easy victory for Mayweahter), he says you can’t count out McGregor. “It’s hard to say, but like I said, it’s the fight game,” Berto explained. “Anything can happen. McGregor’s gonna come in, no fear. Sh*t, he ain’t got nothing to lose. He’s gonna try to make a statement. If he clips him… it’s over.”

Berto goes on to say that there’s so much expectation on Floyd that he’ll need to completely embarrass the UFC star… or he’ll be the laughingstock of boxing. “Floyd has to embarrass this man to get any type of credit from me. He has to embarass him,” he said. “If McGregor catches him, he’s the king of the world.”

However it turns out, Berto knows one thing for sure. “It’s gonna make a sh*t load of money,” he said.