Twitter Lights Up After Spurs Star Kawhi Leonard Cuts off Braids

Kawhi Leonard Cut off Braids
via Twitter / Legends of Chamberlain Heights

San Antonio Spurs star Kawhi Leonard has rocked braids for as far back as middle¬†school. But, after six years in the league, it appears he’s ready for a change.

The NBA All-Star shocked fans this week, when he appeared online sans his signature braids.

Kawhi popped up in an photo shared on social media by the Comedy Central show, Legends of Chamberlain Heights, posing after a workout… and its the first time we’ve seen him with this new ‘do.

While a lot of going on in the NBA this week, given the NBA Draft is Thursday (June 22), Kawhi cutting his hair was big news… and social media had a lot to say about it.