We’ve all seen it or been a victim of road rage, but sometimes, it can be very scary.

A recent road rage incident between a motorcyclist and another driver ended in a terrifying crash on a California highway… and it was caught on tape.

According to local reports, the crash took place in Santa Clarita on Wednesday (June 1) at around 6 a.m., and sent an innocent person to the hospital.

As you can see in the video, a guy on a motorcycle is upset with the driver of a early-2000s style Nissan Sentra and kicks the rear side panel of the vehicle while both are driving at high speeds in the car pool lane. This prompted the driver of the car to serve, resulting in the driver losing control, slamming into the center divider and bouncing off into traffic where it t-boned a white Cadillac Escalade that flipped over several times.

The motorcyclist, luckily, dodged the collision… and sped off without stopping… like a coward.

Local police are investigating and looking for the the biker, who will likely be hit with hit-n-run charges.