Shock G
via TMZ

Rap veteran Shock G, best known as a member of 1990s group Digital Underground, was busted for drug paraphernalia after being pulled over in Rice Lake, Wisc., reports TMZ.

The 53-year-old rapper (born Gregory Jacobs) had rocked the stage with Naughty By Nature just two days before his arrest last Tuesday (13). He was driving when the car was pulled over and it was registered to an unlicensed driver who was sitting in the passenger seat.

It’s unclear what exactly “drug paraphernalia” means in this instance, but it’s not all bad. The good news: he posted cool $100 bail and is now a free man.

Shock G is a triple OG and was down with Tupac in the 1990s, co-producing Pac’s debut album 2Pacalypse Now, as well as his first gold single, “I Get Around.”