While some in the South see the Confederate flag as a symbol of the region’s history, many view it as a symbol of hate… flown during a time when African Americans were treated as secondary citizens.

This is what a Toronto woman saw when a replica of the General Lee (from the 1980s series Dukes of Hazzard) was on display at a car show held during the annual Highland Creek Heritage Festival over the weekend.

The woman posted a video of herself going off on the owner of the car, making it very clear that the history behind the flag is not one he should be putting on display. “It represents lynching and death of black people! They hung our people from trees until our eyes popped out,” she yells.

In a local news report, she explained herself further. “People who look exactly like me and my sons died, were murdered, because of that flag,” she said. “It has no place here and it is the very first car people see when they walk in.”

What do you think? Does she have a point? Should the Confederate flag be flown in any way, shape or form?