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Despite a solid debut, several people aren’t feeling the Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me, including the late rapper’s collaborator, Scarface.

The legendary rapper recently spoke out against the film at Chicago’s Classic Hip Hop Lives event over the weekend.

According to ‘Face, the Benny Boom-directed flick leaves out several figures in Pac’s life, such as MC Breed and West Coast vets like Spice 1, Richie Rich and The D.O.C., among others. “If MC Breed not in that movie, then it ain’t no real ‘Pac movie. If the D.O.C. wasn’t mentioned in that movie, it’s not a real ‘Pac movie. If that shit wasn’t sanctioned by the people that grew up with ‘Pac … I don’t know, bro,” Scarface declared.

Later, he questions who is profiting off the film, especially since his mother Afeni Shakur is gone. “It ain’t feeding his momma, his momma gone,” said Scarface. “It ain’t feeding his kids, he ain’t got none. Who getting the money?”

Scarface eventually concluded that fans shouldn’t support any posthumously released projects from Tupac. “If a motherf*cker put an album out on me when I’m dead, don’t buy that sh*t. When a motherf*cker tries to shoot a movie on me when I’m dead, don’t go see that sh*t. Let me rest, man. I love ‘Pac to death man, but let that man rest.”

Scarface collaborated with Tupac on Face’s 1996 hit, “Smile.”

If you’re wondering, All Eyez On Me surpassed expectations during his debut weekend, earning over $26.4 million at the box office.

What did you think of the film?