Lil Yachty
via Instagram / Lil Yachty

Lil Yachty is one of hip-hop’s most popular artists of the current generation, but he finally released his debut album Teenage Emotions, he sold just 46,000 units.

But apparently, he’s papered up, according to the CEO of his label Quality Control.

Weeks after he faced off against Joe Budden on his Complex show “Everyday Struggle”, Budden and DJ Akademiks brought up Yachty again… to discuss his first week sales. Ultimately, Budden declared that Yachty is “not a mega-star” because of the sales numbers.

QC CEO, Pierre Thomas, took issue with the discussion and addressed it on Akademik’s Instagram with this bold claim: “Lil Yachty made 13 million dollars in 16 months. Who gives a f*ck about you n*ggas opinion… And bye [sic] the way Yachty the reason your show popping so you should thank him.”

How though? Thomas hasn’t ellaborated, but Complex tried to crunch the numbers to find out.

16 months would date back to Feb. 2016. In that period, Yachty’s said to have done 119 shows. If a Forbes report is correct, he’s making $100,000 a show in 2017 ( though this may be exaggerated or may vary depending on the show). Another report says around $35,000 a show in 2016. So, in all, he would’ve taken in to more than $5 million… but those earnings would have to be split with his manager, maybe his label and if you factor in other expenses, Yachty would’ve likely netted maybe $2 million?

On to guest verses. Complex estimates that he maybe pulled in another $100,000 from that, while his streaming numbers could net him another $1.5 million — though labels would get a cut, along with producers, co-writers, etc. If you add his endorsements — which include Sprite, Target and Adidas — that’s said to be in the low six-figures. Plus, his deal with Nautica… Yachty may have very well brought in close to $13 million at those rates.

Was that his net todal? Maybe not, but it’s still a lot for a young kid from ATL who hasn’t been rapping that long.