Last summer, news of Philando Castile’s death in Minnesota, sparked outrage around the nation.

This week, dashcam footage of the shooting has been released… and it comes just days after officer Jeronimo Yanez was acquitted of all charges related to the killing.

The shooting, which was live streamed on Facebook by the victim’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds, sparked mass outrage and was viewed by millions of people.

The footage shows Castile being pulled over for a broken tail light, and as he calmly speaks to the officer and informs him that he has a licensed firearm in the car, things quickly escalate. Yanez tells him not to reach for it, and as Castile tells the officer he is not reaching for the gun, Yanez leans into the car and fires seven shots, killing Castile.

The courts may have acquitted him, but this video is damning evidence.