Russian Cop KOs Sleazy Boyfriend For Good Reason (VIDEO)

A Russian cop knocked a guyย back to the Soviet Union with a single punch after he kneed the officer in the balls in this recent viral clip.

There are a lot of things NOT to do when you’re surrounded by cops in Eastern Europe. Delivering a stealthy judo knee to the crotch is at the top of that list. It’s unclear what the dude expected to happen, but the guy who got kneed in the nuts went from “friendly officer” to “Cro Cop” real quick.

Violence against women is a difficult thing to campaign for, but no one would have been upset if that cop hit homeboy’s screaming girlfriend to shut her up after she went full banshee when her man got slumped. It’s tough to say with certainty, but they might be the least likable couple on the planet.