Played Himself: DJ Khaled Gets Booed Off Stage At EDC (VIDEO)

DJ Khaled was unable to get the crowd fired up at EDC 2017 over the weekend, despite making 15 different attempts that ended with him being eventually booed off stage by a crowd thirsty for Yellow Claw… of all people.

Despite the naysayers in the crowd’s hostility, Khaled is the only one there getting paid, so he’s not taking an “L” here –just the people booing who paid $300+ for a GA wristband.

Not to worry, he’s still eating off that “L” he took when he got lost on his jet ski as the world followed on Snapchat, which somehow turned into a masterful PR endeavor and pushed him brand over the top!

So DJ Khaled, you good money on jet skis; Sean Kingston, proceed with caution.