Conor McGregor and Chris van Heerden
via Instagram / Chris van Heerden

Wow! A new video has surfaced of Conor McGregor sparring with South African boxer Chris van Heerden… and getting schooled… HARD!!

Following a brief video that hit the internet on Thursday (June 15), another longer clip is here, offering a full look at the UFC star’s sparring session with the former IBO welterweight champion… just days after both McGregor and Floyd Mayweather announced their megafight, which takes place Aug. 26th in Las Vegas.

Van Heerden offered his opinion on Conor’s boxing skills to a TMZ cameraman, and essentially says he has no chance against Mayweather. He also revealed that he schooled McGregor whileout of shape, just coming back from vacation and basically just having fun.

“I’m no Mayweather, and I came out of shape, and I landed on Conor McGregor at will,” he told TMZ. “It’s crazy to think that people can actually compare a fighter that’s 0-0 in a boxing ring compared to legend that’s 49-0. If you go on his resume, he’s beaten the best in the world.”

“You know what? No,” Chris adds, saying Conor doesn’t have the power to knock out Mayweather. “[Mayweather] been hit by guys that can punch and he doesn’t go down. He’s so good. He knows how to recover.”

ESPN’s Max Kellerman has also weighed in on the fight, saying: “Conor McGregor has exactly a zero percent chance in this fight.”

What do you think? Will Conor surprise Mayweather and boxing fans? And, are you gonna watch.