Conor McGregor
via Instagram / Conor McGregor

On the heels of the official announcement for the hyped Floyd Mayweather-Conor McGregor megafight, a video as surfaced that may prove it won’t be much of a fight at all.

Someone uploaded a brief clip of the UFC superstar sparring with a boxing pro… and gets taken to school.

While there’s no question McGregor has skills, does he really have what it takes to step into the ring with a boxing great like Mayweather… even if he’s 40 years old?

In the clip, Conor is engaged in a sparring session with South African welterweight Chris van Heerden, who appears to toy with the MMA star, and ultimately, makes him look like a novice.

“Conor showed me that he’s got some boxing background. His counter lefthand was pretty good,” van Heerden told the Washington Journal. “What chance does he have against Mayweather, the best boxer in the world? A puncher’s chance. So he swings well; he swings a big shot. Maybe he lands it. That might seal it for him. But honestly, do I see Conor beat Mayweather, no, I don’t.”

It’s probably not wise of McGregor to allow filming in his training camp… because this video doesn’t offer much of an argument regarding his chances against Floyd.

We’re on going to tune in regardless, when the two enter the ring inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas on Aug. 26.