Kevin Durant Says Obama Sent Him a “Random” Text After NBA Finals Win

Kevin Durant
via Instagram / Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant has been celebrating — and fulfilling media obligations — all week, since winning his first NBA championship on Monday night (June 12).

He sat down for an interview on The Bill Simmons Podcast late Tuesday (June 13) to discuss the epic moment in his life. One interesting tidbit of the interview came when Durant revealed that former President Barack Obama got in contact to congratulate him… calling it “random”.

“He sent a text through somebody to get to me,” KD said. “[He wrote], ‘Congrats, your defense was really good,’ which was random.”

KD also said Obama told him to “enjoy” the victory. “Have some fun. Typical stuff… I wasn’t expecting that.”

Shortly after, Durant addressed Rihanna, who heckled him during the Finals… and praised LeBron James.

“She loves LeBron,” KD said. “She’s been a big LeBron fan for a long time. Everywhere he went, she’s just a big fan. I don’t even really think she really watches basketball.”