Freddie Gibbs on Jeezy: “I’ll Whoop Yo Ass”

Freddie Gibbs

Freddie Gibbs’ fallout with Jeezy is well-documented, but the Indiana rapper took a few shots at the ATL rapper in a new interview.

While sitting down with Desus & Mero, Gangsta Gibbs joked with the hosts about skipping over a Jeezy question he noticed in the teleprompter. “Why y’all skip over the Jeezy question?” he said. “I saw that sh*t, n*gga. I can read the teleprompter.”

Gibbs went on to say that he has no current beef with Jeezy, but had a few harsh words for his former ally.

“It gotta be beef when it’s two, like, real motherf*ckers in the equation,” Gibbs explained. “When it’s one motherf*cker that’s just, like, pssshhh … I’ll whoop yo ass, n*gga. F*ck with me. F*ck Jeezy. Bitch ass n*gga. And when that n*gga come on here, ask him about me.”

The rapper signed to Jeezy’s CTE label back in 2011. But after just one year, they parted ways.

In interviews shortly after the news broke, both Gibbs and Jeezy gave their sides to the story. Jeezy claimed Gibbs was upset he didn’t invest more money into him and caused a strain on his relationship with Eminem. Gibbs, however, called the claims “lies” during an interview with Hot 97 and said he “didn’t take a dollar” from Jeezy.

In other news, Gibbs has just released a new album, titled You Only Live 2wice. Get your copy here.