Rob Stone and XXXTentacion
via Instagram / XXXTentacion & Rob Stone

Since XXXTentacion was knocked out cold while performing in San Diego earlier this month, it’s been revealed that local rapper Rob Stone was behind the attack.

There were rumors that Stone was stabbed after the altercation, mostly circulated by XXX in a TMZ interview, but police have disputed this claim.

Ultimately, Stone has decided to address the rumors himself… as well as his beef with the rising Florida rapper.

“I’m alive and well,” he said. “I didn’t get stabbed, I didn’t get stabbed, OK… I’m alive and well, just for all the people that was concerned about me getting stabbed. All my homies is alive and well, I don’t know what the f*ck that’s about. But I feel bad for the person that did get stabbed.”

“This sh*t is just getting crazy, and it’s only going to get worse,” Stone continued. “You can not sit and talk sh*t about people, or talk sh*t to people, y’all can’t do that sh*t. I’m talking to everybody in the world right now, I’m not talking to a specific person. You can not sit and talk sh*t to motherf*ckers and go to their city and not expect somebody in the city to feel some type of way about that.”

This is the latest in the beef between XXX and Rob Stone. Hopefully, it doesn’t escalate from there.