Murder Inc. head, Irv Gotti, appeared on The Breakfast Club earlier this week to discuss his new projects, but also his past in the music biz.

The interview eventually turned to 50 Cent, whose beef with Gotti’s Murder Inc. and Ja Rule marked the sharp decline of their reign at the top.

Gotti brought up the time he tried to expose 50 Cent by providing documents that proved he had filed an order of protection against Murder Inc., but it ultimately fell on deaf ears. The alleged document were made public in an attempt to tarnish his street credibility by proving that he snitched on Ja Rule and his associates following an attack that left him stabbed and in the hospital.

“I’m like, ‘This [the legal document] is going to kill this guy.’ He’s calling me a p*ssy, and he has an order of protection against me and everyone and pressed charges. You know we gave him like a quarter mill, he sued us,” Irv explained. “[…] It fell on deaf ears […] Shouldn’t that have been, in the real world, the death blow? […] N*gga, you got beat up and poked up and you ran to the precinct and pressed charges on us. And the really death blow, you took out an order of protection. That’s like sh*t your baby momma does.”

50 Cent would eventually hear Gotti’s interview, and responded on social media. He shared a clip of the interview, where Gotti says, “This n*gga is smacking us and spitting in our faces. We have to go like this, ‘Thank you may I have another.’ ”

He captioned the post with: “You think people can’t see you soft IRV. You say you beat the Fed’s no, you never did nothing you f*cking punk. I will slap the sh*t out you, and you will say thanks May I have another. LOL.”

50 didn’t stop there. He followed by posting a photo of Irv and former girlfriend Ashley Martelle, who used to be a Taz’s Angels escort. “You in love with a call girl, shorty was one of Taz angels. Smh and you just kiss her in the mouth,” 50 wrote in the photo caption.