Offset of Migos
via Instagram / Offset

If you’ve been following the hip-hop rumor mill, then you know Migos member Offset has been linked to Cardi B for several weeks now.

The two even collaborated on Cardi’s latest mixtape cut, “Lick”, but there were rumors that the two broke up recently, when Offset charged her $250,000 for the verse! WOAH!

Cardi B ultimately shut down that report, but the internet ran with it, especially Hot 97’s morning show host EBro Darden.

EBro took to Instagram, screenshotting a headline that read “Cardi B Drumps Offset Over $250K Feature”, adding a caption questioning whether or not the Migos rapper can command such a high pricetag anyway. “Wait!!…This is not true! Funny on so many levels tho! An Offset verse is $250K??” he wrote in the caption.

Offset eventually saw the Instagram post and fired back, threatened to show up at Summer Jam 2017 and put hands on him. “Ima b at Summer jam too ima see if the same joke funny when I see u sucker stop trying my craft n*gga like u tryna say I’m trash or sum I’ll beat yo old ass,” Offset wrote. “U a sucker Ebro on my mama.”

Ebro obviously responded, brushing it off. “Stop being so sensitive! You already rich.. Love you n*gga.. See you Sunday!”

Check out the exchange below:

How will it play out backstage at Summer Jam this weekend? Migos is headlining, so we will see.