After initially linking with Nike for a special pair of Air Force 1’s, Bryson Tiller and Nike are back at it again. This time, the brand helps the artist restore a basketball court in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

On Wednesday (June 7), Tiller appeared at a ribbon cutting ceremony at Wyandotte Park to unveil the fully-refurbished court, where community children received three hours of basketball clinics.

The court carries a message for the kids too: “It’s Possible Here.”

“Whenever you fly into Louisville, you see a sign that says, ‘It’s Possible Here.’ I remember my first time seeing it. I was working on my debut album, and I just thought, ‘Wow, it is possible here.’ Everybody always thinks you have to move out of the city and go where the music industry is, but it’s possible in Louisville, and it’s possible anywhere. You just have to believe.”

Check out some video footage of the ceremony and day with the children, as well as the photos above.

Additionally, Bryson recently dropped his sophomore album, True to Self, currently charting on the Billboard 200.