Jay Mohr
via Phil Konstantin / Public Domain

Actor/comedian Jay Mohr has the internet going crazy, after dropping the N-word in a Twitter rant about Boosie BadAzz.

As pointed out by TMZ, the comic was reacting to an interview the rapper did, in which he describes walking in on two male inmates having sex while serving time in prison.

While referencing Boose’s interview, Mohr says the rapper uses the N-word numerous times and doesn’t understand criticism he’s receiving. “LIL Boosie says N**ga 19 times but twitter accusing him of Being homophobic,” Jay tweeted.

In a separate Twitter conversation, he used the N-word again, calling another follower “corny.” “This n**ga just got called corny,” Mohr wrote.

Jay Mohr Twitter rant

This isn’t the first time the comic has used the N-word. He apparently uses it regular in his stand-up routine, but hasn’t really caught much flack for it.

Check out one of his past stand-up shows below.