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Rihanna took to Instagram on Monday (June 5), with a meme aimed at haters who can’t handle the artist she’s evolved into over the past 10 years.

The pop star posted a Gucci Mane meme, which appears to be a message to those who couldn’t handle her public transformation a decade ago… which is accompanied by old and new images of Guwop side-by-side.


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If you recall, before 2007, Rihanna had a squeaky clean, innocent image, but she completely shattered that perception with the release of her third solo album, Good Girl Gone Bad.

The album marked a complete 180 of what fans and the general public had previously expected from Riri, as she adopted a new and sexier image, as well as edgier content in her music.

Last week, Rihanna posted the cover art for Good Girl Gone Bad, and recognized the 10th anniversary of what she called “a body of work that would change the course of my life.” She wrote that even to this day, the changes that came with the album she “still can’t fully grasp!”

What do you think? Was her 2007 transformation a turning point for you as a fan? And, do you deserve her in 2017?