Emily Oberg Shows Off Her Sneaker Closet , Talks L.A. & KITH

Emily Oberg Shows Off Her Sneaker Closet
via Coveteur

Emily Oberg has been blessed to make a number of industry connections and build up her celebrity as a Complex news correspondent. Along the way, her sneaker game has elevated as well.

The 23-year-old recently invited Coveteur into her studio apartment in Brooklyn, where she opened her closets and showcased her range of kicks, handbags and more. From Nikes to CHANEL, Oberg has a variety.

Oberg also talks about her favorites spots to eat in Los Angeles, her clothing brand Sporty & Rich, and her new job at KITH.

Take a look at her closet above, and see more photos and her interview over at Coveteur.com.