With the summer months closing in, lifestyle brand Volcom returns with a new collection of boardshorts for the season.

The new offerings consists of the Volcom Stoneys, the Surf and Turf Hybridshort, and the Mod-Tech and Mod-Tech Plus.

Coming as part of its Wave Magnet, the boardshorts feature distinct designs inspired by the magical element of water, as well as embracing positivity, passion and flow.

The Volcom Stoneys represents all things aquatic, sporting a zig-zag wave pattern throughout, and comes in five different colorways. The shorts are constructed from 4-way stretch fabric, while featuring the brand’s patented Clinch Fly closure.

The Surf and Turf Hyrbidshort gives the wearer options. They can be used at the beach, the double as a casual short to wear during they day. They sport a chino short look, while featuring mesh pocket bags, and come in three neutral colors.

Finally, Volcom’s Mod-Tech and Mod-Tech Plus were created to suit the needs of a serious surfer.. in whatever the situation. THey sport a bold striped pattern, while also being environmental conscious with recycled Repreve fibers. They are fast drying and water repellent. And, are available in four different colorways.

Volcom’s Summer 2017 boardshorts are available now at brand stocklists and their online store here.