After delivering “Sacrificial Chamber” in December, Guerrilla Alliance returns with a new visual for their thought-provoking cut “Warpath Of The Archons”, featuring Ill Bill and DJ Tone Spliff.

The animated lyric visual finds the rappers trading bars about conspiracy theories, the global takeover by the elite and other political issues plaguing societies.

“Warpath of the Archons” is the latest single off their The Dark Rift project — the third album of their album trilogy and represents an end of era. It’s available now at their official website here.

Contrary to the pop culture craze of “2012” in which “the end of the world” was promoted to sell books and survival products PXR sought to bring some light to the Mayan calendar. While 2012 represented the end of one age, and the beginning of another. Guerrilla Alliance tackles everything from the Mayan creation mythology, to the long count calendar that is often debated.