Lil Yachty Talks Nautica Capsule, “Cello” Mishap

Lil Yachty hot 97 interview

On the heels of his debut album Teenage Emotions, Lil Yachty appeared stopped by Hot 97 this week for a new interview.

During the appearance, the rapper discusses everything from his food habits and not eating vegetables, his upcoming capsule with Nautica.

“I’m about to drop my capsule,” Yachty said. “Bright colors. I’m trying to bring that throwback Nautica back. It’s an older look… an older vibe — the rugbys, nylon shorts, nylon track packs, cargo pants with the mesh pockets. It will have the older Nautica logo.”

Elsewhere, Yachty talked about the cello line in “Peek A Boo,” admitting that he lied about the lyric. “No, I actually thought it was a woodwind instrument,” he said.

On the song, he rapped: “My new b*tch yellow / she blow that d*ck like a cello”. To clarify, the cello is a stringed instrument, so it can’t be blown.

Watch the full interview above.