It’s hard out in these streets in 2017. All type of licks, moves, and juxes are fair game when your paper’s low, but your finesse game has to be higher than zero if you’re attempting a brazen, Grand Theft Auto-style blow torch robbery.

Some would-be thieves in Washington state outdid themselves recently, when they tried to rob a drive-thru ATM using a blow torch. But, they ended up setting their cash on fire, leaving with nothing but a story so embarrassing they can’t even tell their friends.

According to John Dickson — COO of Coastal Community Bank in Everett, WA — masked men unsuccessfully tried to break into the bank’s safety deposit box a few weeks ago.

In baseball, you get three strikes before you’re out, but when it comes to bank robbery, it’s probably a good idea to walk away at 0-2.