Why Did ESPN Photoshop Tiger Woods’ DUI Mugshot?

Tiger Woods mugshot
via Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office

Tiger Woods’ DUI arrest over Memorial Day Weekend had the internet talking… but mostly over his mugshot.

In the photo, we see the golf star with an unshaven look and droopy eyes, as well as disheveled and thinning hair. It immediately became a meme, likely dominating your social media feeds.

For some reason, ESPN Photoshopped Tiger’s mugshot, making him look a bit more manicured, which was Β apparently tamer for a SportsCenter broadcast, which you can see below.

When this image surfaced, social media blew up with questions of why?

In a statement, ESPN said the altered version was necessary to fit their “standard template.”

“We have utilized a standard template for on-air headshots, which led to the background being dropped for consistency,” ESPN said. “We will revisit this process to improve it going forward.”

Check out some of the chatter on Twitter below: