MMA might be the ultimate test of merit and toughness since Gladiator-style fights to the death have gone out of style.

In the Octagon, society’s regular rules don’t apply, but there are still rules. Chief among them is not to continue to pummel your unconscious opponent after the referee instructs you to stop… which is exactly what happened recently in this Fight UK MMA bout.

Granted, the fog of battle makes people do things they wouldn’t otherwise, and truthfully, the fighter who ended up on the wrong side of the referee’s chokehold probably isn’t a bad dude… all things considered. Good thing the ref is no stranger to combat himself, or the fighter in the white gloves would have sustained even more unnecessary damage.

At least the two fighters embrace each other after the ruckus subsided, acknowledging each other for the modern-day warriors they are. But the big prize goes to the referee, who stepped up big in what had the makings of a very dangerous situation.