In the video above, we see a fighter jet pilot put gravity to the test, as he attempts to pour himself a drink, while performing a barrel roll!! WHAT!!? Will it spill?!

Aerial warfare is largely conducted via drone in 2017, but we still have a special place in our hearts for fighter pilots, courtesy of Tom Cruise (Maverick) and to a lesser extent, Anthony Edwards (Goose). Top Gun dropped in ’86, but it’s as culturally relevant as ever. In fact, it’s the best thing Tom Cruise ever did besides convince people that they should stay as far away from Scientology as possible.

Here’s the late Bob Hoover, one of the most legendary pilots to take the skies, recounting how he rolled an airplane with high ranking generals on board to demonstrate its in-flight capabilities.

“I had the Secretary of the Air Force in the co-pilot’s seat…He had the aft part of the airplane filled with generals, and he said, ‘Bob, can the airplane be rolled?’ And I said, ‘yes sir,’ and I rolled, and the generals were all having a cup of coffee and none of ’em spilled a drop. And then I got so bold as to think that maybe I could even pour ice tea, so then we put it on film. Now the difficult thing to think about is to try to pour back-handed to try and see it on camera.”