Jordan Peele Finally Takes the #GetOutChallenge

Jordan Peele #GetOutChallenge

Three months after Get Out became a surprise hit at the box office, director Jordan Peele finally takes the #GetOutChallenge that swept social media.

In the film, Marcus Henderson’s character Walter is seen sprinting in the moonlight at full speed. So, attempting to recreate the scene, the challenge involves running at full speed toward the camera before darting off to the right.

For months, a lot of people have had their fun with it, from Steph Curry to various social media influencers.

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Trying to escape the sunken place #getout

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Peele finally took part in this during an appearance on The Tonight Show this week, as he promoting the home release of Get Out, which features an alternate ending.

Peele did his best #GetOutChallenge sprint as he entered the set. “That’s the first time I’ve done the #GetOutChallenge,” he said. “I’m so glad I didn’t wipe out.”

Get Out is available not on Blu-Ray or DVD at Amazon.