BMW Offers Sneak Peek At New 8 Series Concept Car

BMW is gunning for Mercedes, with its brand new 8 Series concept car.

The German automotive giant is making bold moves after its disappointing revamp of the 5 Series failed to get buyers excited. BMW is now betting they can lure some deep-pocketed buyers to the 8 Series and away from your standard luxury offerings: the Mercedes S-Class, the Porsche Panamera, and the Maserati Quattroporte.

The new 8 Series will compete directly with the S-Class coupe, which runs about $110,000. The new Beemer will be available at dealerships starting next year.

The original 8 Series dropped in 1989 and featured a groundbreaking, high-performance V-12 engine. Though it was discontinued in the mid-90s, you still spot them on the road from time to time or in Action Bronson’s “Durag vs Headband” below: